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How To Apply Eyelashes Without Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyelashes Without Eyeliner

Talking about false lashes, as you all know I love wearing falsies most of the times. I believe wearing falsies instantly adds to the look and even of you do not apply too much of makeup on the eyes, they will still look attractive and glamorous as anything.

But most of us opt to wear it on special occasions that too with a full face makeup and an elaborate eye makeup to make everything look in sync. Well, the thing is most people are not aware as to how they can only wear eye lashes without doing a full eye makeup look and that’s why we see less women experimenting with eye look and eye lashes.

Today, I am here to share How To Apply Eyelashes Without Eyeliner so that one can easily wear false lashes without worrying about doing a heavy eye liner or kohl on the eyes without any special occasion.

If any of you still thinks that it is not possible, well, here we have a solution to your query. A lot of makeup lovers simply assume that it is kind of necessary to wear eyeliner if you decide to wear falsies, well it is clearly not the case.

Mostly what happens it that the false lashes when applied with glue tend to look a little obvious being placed just near the lash line so an eyeliner hides that and makes it look all natural.

Choose the size and length of the false lashes

Moreover, there are some people who pick eye lashes without much thought and if you are wearing bridal lashes for a day look or for a formal evening, it is bound to look fake and not good without eyeliner.

The best tip is to pick light eyelashes for your everyday looks or office so that you do not need to use the eyeliner. You just need to use the eye lash glue, let it dry for a few seconds and forget about it that you are wearing something on the eyes.

Excess glue troubles

Always use a tweezer to remove the excess layer of glue on the eyelashes if you are skipping the eyeliner for a more natural look.

Eyelash glue basics

Get a glue which is of great quality otherwise your falsies may end up looking like a kid’s scrapbook with glue residue all over. Add glue carefully on the ends so that the entire false lash sticks properly.

Also rather than apply loads of glue to your false lashes, apply glue to your actual lash line for a clean look when you are not wearing eyeliner with the falsies.

Press the false lashes

After apply the false lashes, gently press your crease area so that the natural lash line skin merges perfectly with the false lashes and there is hardly any trace of glue. This trick can help you when you don’t wish to wear anything else on the eyes apart from the false lashes.

Use a Bobby Pin

A bobby pin is a multi use essential for every woman. you can use its end to apply glue on the falsies without going extra or deviating from the lash line! It will look natural and you can happily skip the eyeliner. 

Well, it takes practice to wear false lashes flawlessly, so my advice would be to wear more often to make you comfortable wearing it.


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