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Beauty Beginners: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Lipstick

Beauty Beginners: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Lipstick

Welcome to the second installment of Beauty Beginners, a series where I’ll be sharing my beginner-friendly, fundamental beauty routines. In my last post I laid down the basics for finding the best foundation for your skin type. Not only is that post a good refresher for our beauty gurus out there, but it’s also a solid start for those who aren’t as confident in the makeup department. Similar to applying flawless foundation, lipstick can be a bit tricky. Today I’ll be taking you through my foolproof guide to finding your perfect lipstick

Finding The Best Lipstick For Your Complexion
Unfortunately not all shades complement every skin tone. Red lipstick alone has such a wide variety! Complexions vary just as much as lipstick shades, so my advice is to always test colors against your skin before you make a decision. If your skin has more of a pink undertone, I suggest trying cool-based colors while darker complexions pair well with warmer, coral hues. I also mix reds all the time to come up with my own custom shade.

How to Decide Between Satin, Matte, or Gloss
Lipsticks come in a variety of textures, so how do you decide between them all? It’s great if you already have a personal preference, but for beauty newcomers my advice is to test away. I usually wear a subtle, neutral gloss for daytime and reserve bold satins and mattes for going out. Bold is beautiful, just remember that upkeep is key! If you prefer something more subtle, tinted balms and lip glosses should do the trick.

Drugstore vs. Department Store
While it’s true that paying top dollar for quality lipsticks is worth it, drugstores have some hidden gems. Buying lipstick at your local drugstore allows you to test colors and textures without breaking the bank.

Application Tips
With lipstick, moisture is everything. Chapped lips can ruin the perfect pout, so prior to application I recommend making sure your lips are both exfoliated and moisturized. Once my lips are prepped I usually opt to define my lips with liner in a similar shade to my desired lipstick. Follow the natural shape of your lips making sure to stay inside the lines (you don’t want to look like you belong in the circus!). Tip: After you’ve fully applied your lipstick, lightly blot your lips with a tissue for a polished, even look. This will also lessen the chance of you getting lipstick all over your teeth!

Be sure to have your lipstick on hand for any midday (or night) touch-ups! I hope you find these tips helpful. For some of my favorite lipsticks, be sure to click here or shop them below…

What are some of your favorite lipsticks?

by Lauren Conrad 


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