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Cleaning makeup brushes is one thing that I feel lazy to do but this is one of the essential things which all us should include in our beauty regimen. If you do not clean and maintain your brushes properly, you will end up clogging your pores and getting break outs. Dirty brushes are the breeding house for bacteria. All the makeup products, dirt and oil get accumulated in the brush and the bacteria multiplies within the bristles of the brush. Just imagine what will happen if you use those brushes full of dirt and bacteria on your face! Obviously you will have break outs. That is why cleaning your brushes regularly are very important. I am going to tell you guys how I clean my makeup brushes and this is the easiest and cheapest way to deep cleanse your makeup brushes. Keeping your brushes clean is going to keep your makeup clean. Because that’s what you are going to apply on your face.

You will not need many things for this. You just need a mild shampoo and your dirty brushes. That’s all. Shall we get started?

Step 1

Take out all the brushes that you have to clean and also pour some mild shampoo in a bowl. You can use any mild shampoo. Baby shampoos are commonly used but I am going to use Biotique shampoo here. You can also use anti-bacterial mild hand wash also. Totally depends on your choice

Step 2 

Wash your brush with lukewarm water by placing it under running tap water. Always keep your bristles in a downward direction. Because if it is kept in an upward direction water may come in contact with the gum and that will make all your bristle to fall out( no one wants that terrible thing to happen).

Step 3 

Now dip the dirty brush in the bowl containing shampoo.

Step 4 

Next swirl the bristle containing shampoo on the surface of your palm. You can swirl the dirty brush over your fingers too. Because that area has ridges which would help in breaking the oil and dirt present in the brush. Swirl it very well until you notice a lather or foam. You can add extra shampoo if need. Do not beat up the brush, be gentle.


Yes that is the eyeliner brush I am swirling. You can see the amount of product coming out of the bristles. 

I have been recently using my hot water bag for cleaning my makeup brushes. It may sound weird but that cleanse the brushes really well. There are makeup brush cleansers available but they are expensive. This is the cheapest alternative I have found and I have been using since two months. They work the same way like the makeup brush cleanser does because they both have a similar rough surface. Washing the brushes by swirling over the palm also works well.

Step 5

Once you feel all the dirt has been removed, wash the brush head again under the tap water.

Step 6 

Squeeze out excess water gently from the brush and then pat the wet bristles on a tissue paper. This will absorb the remaining water present on the brush.

Step 7

Place a tissue paper over a flat surface and lay all your washed makeup brushes horizontally. Let it air dry. You are done with the cleaning process.

Follow these simple and quick ways and give your makeup brushes a new life.

Hope this was helpful. If you liked it then please subscribe, follow and comment below I would love to hear from you all.

Lots of Love


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