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The Ultimate Guide To Using And Wearing Glitter In 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Using And Wearing Glitter In 2018

We learned early in the year that 2018 makeup trends are all about bold looks; accentuating the face with bright colors on eyes, cheeks, and lips. The runways paved the way for bold color in everyday looks. The smoky eye stays strong but breaks the monotony by going bolder and more flamboyant with exaggerated smudge and flicks. Neutral colors are in, and so are metallic and glitter. What a contrast! But it is all about expressing yourself. We will see more of blue, green, pink, and purple on the face along with gold, silver, and bronze.

Of all trends, the glitter makeup stands out and is still going strong. Be it on eyes, cheeks, lips, and even the body, a dash of glitter can make you sparkle and shine like a polished diamond. What more? These shimmery bits come in various colors so that you can let your imagination soar while matching them with your makeup. Shimmer makeup is so popular that many cosmetic brands have rolled out entire collections dedicated to glitter, fancy that!

If you have not tried glitter makeup yet, it’s time you did. A streak or dash of glitter can add a sparkling touch to your face and personality. But wearing glitter as an adult can be unnerving, especially if you have just started or are trying to get into the glitter league. Here are some tips that will help you conquer the glitter like a pro.

Start Small

If you are trying out glitter makeup for the first time, start with one feature at a time. Ether wear shimmery eye or go for a glittery pout. Try both or wear too much of it, and you might end up looking like a disco ball.

Flaunt Sparkly Nails

Wearing glitter on the nails is perhaps the simplest and safest way to try glitter on without being intimidated. Get a high-glam manicure or simply coat your nails in glittery nail polish. You can take your pick from the boldest colors and maybe even match your lipstick with it.

Subtle Eyes

While glittery eyeshadows can amp up the glamour, not wearing them correctly can make you look garish. Following the ‘less is more’ rule, instead of overdosing on high-glitz eyeshadows, swipe on a metallic liner along the lash line for a head-turning statement. Another simple way to wear glitter on the eye is by using a dash of glitter on the inner or outer corner of the eyes. This will immediately add a sparkle to your eye makeup. Or dab some glitter on the center of the eyelid instead of covering the entire lids after wearing eyeshadow. It’s simple and doesn’t require any specific makeup skill. Pick up some glitter on one of your fingers or rush and apply lightly on the middle of the lids. This adds a hint of sophisticated sparkle and makes your eye makeup appear 3D.

On Lips

Are you thinking of pairing a nude lip with a smoky eye again for your next party? Try swapping the neutral lip shade for a shimmery gloss. It will pair well with the smoky eye and also add glamour without going OTT. After applying lipstick, dab on some glitter on your Cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip for instant holographic lips.

A Hint of Glitter On Cheeks

If you run out of highlighter, just mix a dash of glitter in your blush or simply brush on a shimmery blush on your cheeks. This will also add sparkle to the skin while adding color to the cheeks.

Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas for 2018

Wearing sparkle on your face doesn’t have to be all bling-bling. That’s what many women fear.  But actually, there are subtle and sophisticated ways to flaunt glitter without making one queasy. Here are some makeup ideas you can try with glitter.  These are popular among the Instagrammers and Vloggers. You can use shimmer makeup or layer it with loose glitter according to your look. The best part is it’s buildable so you can go with a hint of glitter, a little shimmer, or out and out loud. The choice is yours. Below are some ideas!

Glitter Eyeliner

This is a huge trend and perfect if you want to start small. The simplest way to wear glitter is to trace your upper lash line with glitter eyeliner. Apply it like your regular eyeliner and get ready to make a sparkly statement. Don’t own glitter eyeliner? Fret not, apply your regular eyeliner and layer it with some loose glitter. You can try a simple eyeliner or cat eye. It can be thick or thin, it’s up to you.

Glitter Nails

Another easy-peasy way to embrace glitter. Party or not, glitter nails will surely add an oomph to your look. The market is full of glitter nail polishes. Wear it on all your nails or on just on one as an accent. Pair it with matte nails for a nice contrast. Or simply put your regular nail polish to use and zing them up with a dose of loose glitter on the nails. The result will always be awesome.

Sparkly Eyeshadow

After mastering the basics of glitter, it’s time to step up the game. Go bold with glitter eyeshadow while keeping the rest of your makeup subtle. Alternatively, you can go for eyeshadows with subtle shimmer. Another way is to dab on highlighter on the center of the lids over the eyeshadow or without. It’ll give the same glittery effect.

Shimmery Smoky Eye

Give the classic smoky eye an upgrade with glitter. Wear smudged dark lour on the eyelids along the crease and outer corners of the eyes. You can leave the center of the lids blank or not. Press loose glitter on the empty space and be the center of attention. Gold, silver, and bronze, all go well with a black smoky eye.

Sparkly Underliner

The underliner is still a big trend after Paris Jackson made it popular. Underliner is when you swipe on colored liner on your lower lash line. It makes your eyes appear brighter (and sexy) instantaneously. Here too a dash of glitter can jazz up the look. After applying kajal or eyeliner on your lower lash line, apply a little lash glue using a Q-tip. Dip an eyeshadow brush in glitter and press it over the glue, carefully so it sticks. You are ready to shine.

Dazzling Lips

Yes, we know. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea and not quite easy to pull off. But glitter mouth can be a lot of fun if done correctly. You can reserve it for theme parties if you like, but it can be pulled off with a minimal makeup look. Layer on glitter on your lipstick, preferably in a matching color, wait for it to settle and layer again if required. Trust us, it’s worth all the mess!

Tips To Make Glitter Last

The secret to making glitter last is all about using a primer. Whether it’s face or eyelid primer, it’ll help glitter to stick to your skin as you dance away the night. Time and time again we have been told about the benefits of makeup primer. It fills in the pores, making your skin smooth and creating a polished canvas for makeup. So invest in the right kind of face and eye primer. Not only will it make your makeup last, but it will also give a better color pay off. Out of primer? Simply, dab some Vaseline before applying glitter. This will enhance the shine along with preventing fall-out.

While applying glitter on the eyes, avoid getting it all over your face by shielding your skin with tape or tissue paper. Hold a piece of tissue under the eye. The fabric will catch all the loose and extra particle and then you can remove it. Voila, you just have glitter on the desired area and not on your entire face.

We hope that these glitter tips have inspired you to go out and be bold in your makeup looks for 2018!


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