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Everyday Beauty Mistakes That You Need to Fix

Beauty and well-being are the topics that interest every woman. All women are enthusiastic about looking good. It is an innate desire of women to look good and why not. Well, even men of this current Age are not behind when it comes to looking good. Makeup is becoming more of a unisexual thing. Gone are the days when makeup was strictly associated with women.

When you look at the history, you will find some sort or form of makeup and beautification tools throughout. Women seek beauty advice from all different sources. Nowadays, the major platforms to seek beauty advice are TV and Internet. So, TV and Internet are some of the portals where you can find updated contents and advice on fashion and beauty.

Women love to apply makeup and they try to use all good techniques and tips that they know while applying the makeup. The Internet Age has further eased up the drill for us. The Internet and social media forums are full of beauty advice and makeup tutorials from all different certified and self-taught makeup bloggers and artists. All you need is a stable Internet connection and you can get all your beauty guidance and amazing tips to create a flawless makeup look every time and according to every occasion. There are certain very common makeup mistakes that we all make that can totally change our look. In this blog post, we will show you how you can fix these common mistakes and look more refined and beautiful.

First of all, you need to identify your beauty mistakes and blunders and then master to fix them. Once you recognize them, you will know how small things make a huge difference in the makeup routine. Follow these tried and true techniques and tips to look flawless.

Missing Moisturizer

While applying makeup, the first thing we should do is to apply a good quality moisturizer, especially if your skin is dry. This is one of the most common beauty mistakes which a lot of people tend to do. Remember skincare is more important than anything else is. Unless you don’t have a smooth, healthy, and glowing skin, your makeup is going to look all fake and cakey. 

And moisturizer is like a basic ingredient of your skincare regime. Also, applying foundation and makeup after applying moisturizer will make your foundation last longer and crease-free. Applying base on the moisturized skin will make it more blended and absorbed.

Heavy Foundation

We all are fond of heavy and full coverage especially because it hides all those small, little pesky spots and blemishes. But then again, a full, heavy foundation is not suitable for every season and especially if used every day. While summers are approaching, a thick, matte foundation layer will suffocate and clog your skin. Do not use oil-based foundations; rather use the water-based ones.

 Also, start using primers only. They make your skin look naturally even without having to apply thick layers of foundation. Do not wear heavy foundations to work. If you have a stable subscription to a good ISP such as TDS Internet Service, look up the best water-based foundations online.

 Clumpy Mascara

You may consider clumpy mascara as an essential part of a dramatic look, but believe us it’s more messy than dramatic. Always apply mascara to clean lashes. It will give you a neat and nice look. 

Especially if you are going to work, clumpy mascara will make you look messier in those long hours. 

Here is a small tip, after applying mascara move eyebrow comb through your lashes to lengthen and separate them.

Disappearing Concealer

We often experience that we perfectly applied our makeup only to find out that the concealer is almost gone after a few hours. Well, remember goes on your face so invest in having a good quality, long wear concealer. Dust it off with a pressed powder (preferably translucent) to make it stay and last longer.

Dirty Makeup Brushes

Since the brushes touch your face all the time, they should be clean. Ideally, we would recommend washing them as often as your dishes. But pertaining to the hectic lifestyles that we have, at least wash them once a week. This will also protect you from skin problems, allergies, and so on. 

Brushes hold makeup particles and oils and they accumulate on them. Clean them and stay safe. Try avoiding this makeup mistake.

Hair Removal

If you have facial hair, do not delay your waxing, laser, or whatever medium you use to remove them for long. Especially if it’s an important occasion, do not delay the hair removal until the last moment. 

When you apply makeup over the facial hair, your makeup will look grey and chalky. It wouldn’t look very blended and smooth.

Neglecting Brows

Never ignore your eyebrows. Full and thick brows give your face a refined look and a nicely framed face. But also, do not make them too heavy. Strike the right balance and neither make them too heavy. Nor make them too light. 

Eyebrow pencils are not a good choice when it comes to making them fuller. They look fake and drawn out. For foolproof and natural definition, try using a brow gel. Alternately, you can use a matte eyeshade that matches your brow color to make them achieve a volume.


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