3D Mink eyelashes are different than standard eyelashes. The hair of eyelashes are handmade and therefore, it is called as a mink eyelash. Mink lashes are trending as it completely cruelty-free product. A 3D Mink eyelash gives volume to your natural eyelashes. It is very lightweight and can be easily carried on your eyelids. 3D mink eyelashes looks more attractive and gives natural look to your eyes.

It is easy to apply, just in 5 steps you can apply 3D Mink eyelashes.

Step 1:

The lashes need to be measured to your eyelids. If it is extra-long then cut the ends of the lashes with a pair of scissors.

Step 2:

Apply lash glue on the band, from start to end of the band.

Step 3:

Gently place the lashes on your eyes with your natural one with the help of a tweezer.  Apply at the center after which outer portion and the inner portion. Let it dry for 2 mins.

Step 4:

Now, apply eyeliner to give yourself a natural and a perfect look.

Step 5:

Lastly, you can do a touch up with mascara


Keep mirror holding it down during this whole process as it’s much easier applying 3D mink eyelashes while looking down.

Source: Khadijabeauty 

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    tina on

    Mink eyelash extensions are also my favourite ones. Its easy when you know how to apply them. thank you for sharing.
    xoxo tina

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