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So I was hit up by My Tubes Cosmetics to do a review of their product and to become an affiliate of the company. I explained that I want to be honest and open and they agreed that it was necessary for their business to grow. So I joined in! The lipsticks are great! I love them. I just had a few things that I thought can be fixed. Which you'll see and hear all of that in the video. I purchased 3 shades:

My TLips - Rouge 👉🏼Click here to get it

My TLips - Dark Nude 👉🏼Click here to get it 

My TLips - Shok-O-Latte 👉🏼Click here to get it 

All the liquid lipsticks are $20 each, but I've got a code for each of you to get 15% off your order!!!! Use code: psychdesigntv15 for your order. *I will receive a commission for every purchase using my code. However, it's entirely up to you to use use the code or not. __________________________________________________________________________

Intro & Outro Music: Controlla - Dj Smallz Video Music: Outside Ethnic Emoji’s 

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