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Liquid lipsticks are THE thing these days and I don’t think it is going to be out of trend anytime soon. We all love wearing liquid lipstick. But we can’t deny the fact that it dries out our lips and cracks up in case of matte lipsticks and in case of satin finish liquid lipsticks they stick onto our teeth and bleed at times *haven’t you had experienced it?* I will be sharing some of the most common liquid lipstick mistakes which you need to avoid in order to get a beautiful, defined and perfect lips. After all who doesn’t need one? These mistakes will help you give the answer to the most common question asked by the beginners- how to apply liquid lipstick properly. if you want to know then keep on reading.

Don’t forget to exfoliate
First thing first. Don’t apply your liquid lipstick on your dried lips directly. If you don’t exfoliate then after some time the matte lipstick would highlight your lip lines and would make your lips look cracked and unpleasant.

How to exfoliate the lips?
Apply Vaseline or any heavy/thick lip balm and leave it for 1 minute. Then take a soft cloth and gently wipe off the lip balm. Along with the balm, all the dried and flaky skin would come off. You can also use your toothbrush instead of wiping with the cloth.

Don’t forget to moisturize your lips
As I always say, hydration is the key to beautiful skin. And in this case, hydration is the key to beautiful lips. If you are going to apply matte lipstick then do not forget to prep your lips. Apply a lip balm prior using matte liquid lipsticks. This is the best tip I can give you if you ask me how to keep lips moisturized with matte lipstick. If it is a glossy liquid lipstick then you can totally skip this step.

Don’t forget to line your lip with a lip pencil
This is the most common liquid lipstick mistake which most of you guys must be doing. Even I do that when I am in a hurry. Applying liquid lipstick without lining your lips will not give your lips the perfect shape. So line your lips with a nude liner or with the same shade as that of your lipstick and DO NOT FORGET TO BLEND THE LINER. Then go over with your liquid lipstick. This will prevent lipstick from bleeding too.

So next time if you are not getting perfect lip shape while applying lipstick then this may be one of the liquid lipstick mistakes you are doing. The concept is very similar to the paintings we used to do in our kinder garden. First draw the outline then fill the area inside.

Don’t press your lips
When applying normal lipstick, we always press our lips so that all of the products are distributed evenly, which is right in that case. But this is one important thing we have to avoid when it comes to liquid lipsticks. When you press your lips, you are making your own lipstick look patchy. The product gets accumulated in one area and gives a gross look.

Don’t apply too many layers
Wondering why your liquid lipstick turns clumpy? Matte liquid lipsticks tend to dry very quickly and if you apply too many layers then what else are you expecting your lips to look like? It would clump up and look cakey.

So what you can do is as soon as you apply your liquid lipstick, pat and blend them with your finger. This will give an even layer to your lips.

Don’t apply liquid lipstick to your inner lining of your lips
This tip will help you avoid that thick lipstick line we tend to get at the inner corner of the lips. To avoid that don’t apply more product on the inner lip line. Just pat it with the finger in that area and then follow it up with a moisturizing lipstick of the same shade. If you don’t have any hydrating lipstick of the same shade, then just dab dab and dab with your fingers so that you don’t use a lot of product in that particular area.

Don’t remove directly
Yes! You heard it right. Liquid lipsticks especially matte ones are difficult to remove. Some of the makeup removers too can’t remove them completely. So what you have to do is apply a balm based remover or oil and leave it on your lips for at least one minute. Then gently rub your lips *with a very light hand* Liquid lipstick is going to come off like a dream 🙂 So how do you remove your matte liquid lipsticks?

That is it guys. I hope these tips helped you in some way or the other.

By Khadija

Source: Khadija Beauty

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